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Me.. the in’s out’s, why’s and wherfore’s….. (kinda)

I have never really thought about why I blog. As a challenge to have a better blog in 30 days I am to introduce myself and tell why I blog. Those may be hard things to accomplish. But here is a start. My name is Marcia R. Chaffin Brown. Yes. Long. I know. I wanted to keep my family name while honoring my husband and I didn’t really want to hyphenate. I think I may drop the R. and just use Chaffin as my middle name. ( I followed the Rabbit wayy too far). Anywho. I blog to get my thoughts out, to share my story, my testimony, my life, from my perspective. (It would be kinda hard to share MY life from someone else perspective, wouldn’t it?) I could journal this, but I am better with typing and I feel that if my struggle, my triumphs, my up’s and down’s help just one person I have accomplished my goal. So far I have written about the birth of my son and my feelings towards that and going back to work. I have written a little about my past and present. I think this blog will just be a mish mash of all things important to me. As time goes on I am sure though that it will get more insightful and thought-provoking. Until then…. I will just write, to escape the words in my head, to put my heart on paper (well screen) to connect to the world (even if it is a tiny one right now). I hope to connect to poets, and dreamers, and mothers, and fathers and those that have lived a life that hasn’t been a crystal stair, but they are still making the best of it and loving it. I hope to eventually find me. I have never really known who I was. I have always only been the sum of my parts. Am I doing this assignment backwards? HECK YES! THAT my friends is the story of my life! Hope you will join me for this crazy ride. If I successfully complete this and blog for all of 2014 I hope to have established friendships (virtual and real) with other blogger and I hope to have inspired others to blog. You never know who your crazy life may help. I am SURE I should add a picture, BUT I don’t have one.  so until next time….