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Sometimes all I can do is shake my head.

As an educator I have seen a LOT, and in my case not too much of it good unfortunately. I feel for these children that are coming up. We are raising a generation of weak willed, faster-than-the microwave generation. They (not all) want it now, without the wait or the struggle; and it seems like the administrator’s, policy-makers, parents, and EVERYONE else who has YET to step foot into a class room and TEACH or TEACH again is hell bent on giving them what they want. NO accountability. NO responsibility, NO idea how to even SPELL those two words. But have the AUDACITY to tell me what I can and cannot do as an educator. WTH?! I am sure that with the budget cuts, limited funds, money from my family’s mouth to spend on someone else, I should just SIT back and bask in paradise. Le’Sigh. What are we showing the children world. Who will take care of us when we eventually get old (if we make it). What will happen to them when they enter the wolf-laden workforce. Where all the sheep have fangs. Who’s going to separate the special education population from the general education fry maker?  Seeing as how I teach elementary special education AND college courses, I have encountered the same student in each level. Grown college degree seeking individuals who cannot write, nor seem to follow basic instructions. Students with NO, I REPEAT, NO critical thinking skills. Where have we gone wrong? I am shocked and appalled at the FACT that the powers that be THINK we are in a better situation than we were just 10 years ago. Ask any college level professor that has been teaching for at least that amount of time and has witnessed the comings and goings of what we produce her in the Lovely U.S of A. and I am sure they will spit explicative s in your face. The FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM generation has taken over with NO life skills, NO business skills, but EVERYBODY wants to be rich and famous. Well Let’s just say good for them there is more than one way to land your 15 minutes o’fame…….Yes. I am shaking my head.


It’s been a while. ….back to work woes

I underestimated just how difficult going back to work would be.  I am not a big fan of my job as is and having to leave my baby to go back to a job I am less than positive about seems sacrilegious. I feel like I am somehow selling out, like it would be less of a blow to my boy if I were going somewhere where I was living out my passion, making more of a difference and being more effective.  I’ve gone back to complete and utter chaos and old destructive habits and patterns. Man those things die HARD and they don’t go down without a fight. I feel like I’m taking blows of negativity from all sides. I Am in DESPERATE need of change.  Starting with self. I can’t stay the way I am and see results.  This I know all too well.  It’s indeed hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Problem is, I KNOW the tricks but I’m too lazy/hardhead/”entitled” to go through the steps and do the work.  I have to ask myself “Girl hell do you Really WANT to change?”….I wonder if I will be honest with myself.

THAT is as hard as taking the first step.

Until next time.
Be Bold be blessed be beautifully you.


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