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Way behind the baby learning curve. What I WASN’T told and DIDN’T know!

Although these past 8 weeks have flown by and I am no where close to being ready to leave my baby and go back to work; I have learned some VERY valuable lessons about life, birth babies, parenting and the truth.
One would think that I KNEW these things ahead of time seeing as how I have a 20 year old.  The truth of the matter is. are NEVER fully prepared for a baby… I don’t care how many you are crazy enough to have…

Here is my list of the things I knew, thought I knew, and what nobody cared to mention…..(meant to be humorous)

#1….baby 1 and baby 2 may not even remotely act like kin. ( knew that didn’t know HOW different they would be)

#2 if you have a “good” first or second baby there WILL inevitably be a little minion thrown in the mix to mess up your good luck the next time. They may not be the devil incarnate but they WILL come close.

#3 Babies cry…I mean I knew that But some babies cry A LOT….and a lot of times the reason is as elusive as whatever object they are looking at on the wall/ceiling/behind your back….

#4 Babies REALLY like their mommas. Now granted some babies come out the womb with a Jesus gene and just love everyone they come in contact with.  Others….. think you are guilty as sin until THEY prove otherwise and momma of course is Mommy almighty and they shalt not let her out of their sight (even if they can only see 1 foot in front of them).

#5 Babies DON’T automatically like daddy. Yes he is the love of YOUR Life but to them he is some random dude that keeps trying to feed them and put them to bed. AND they are not having that. (See #4 for the reason).

#6 Gestation Really lasts an extra 3 months. Babies have been inside a well insulated temperature controlled environment that is loud and cozy. They have listened to the melodious sounds of mommy’s body and have done pretty much WHAT EVER they want. Fact is EVEN though they come out they ARE not ready to give that up. Be prepared to try to spend all your coins recreating that environment so you and baby can get some sleep.

#7 THEY are the boss…and what you want, need and all that jazz don’t matter no mo!…..Period. At least until you are able to take your boss dom back!

There is more that I’ve learned but I can’t remember what right now….which leads me to

#8…That pregnancy brain lasts a long time….you WILL forget things and they WILL be important things sometimes. ..write them down….BUT try to remember where!

Until next time…