Monthly Archives: October 2017

Here Again. Hello Fear

Its been a long time since I cam here to purge to write/right my pain, my joys, my fears, my desires and my truths. I haven’t felt like much of a writer. I havent felt like a poet or a speaker. Life got the best of me and stifled my voice. I allowed it. Now that I am in a position to have to lean on others I find that fear is driving me to write.  The thing about fear is its mysterious. It can either cause you to run or to fight. Sometimes it can cause you to do both. Fear can be the catalyst for your change or your downfall. Sometimes you know what you fear and other times it is just a numbing feeling of something you can’t quite put your finger on. It is up to you to work through your emotions to hear what fear is telling you. All too often we don’t want to do that work. It hurts. Its scary. It can be debilitating and anxiety producing. BUT it can also be the most FREEING experience in your life. I find myself here again, facing fear and doubt. And that is exactly what I plan to do. FACE IT. I don’t know how, but I DO know that I am here again for a reason and I am determined to do the work to find out what it is.