3 more days until my Sisterlocks Consultation!

Well. The time has come for me to FINALLY commit to these locs I’m so excited about. On Sunday I meet with my loctician to get in tester locs. Now though I am getting a little anxious… you know… commitment issues… 0-o (but I’m married doe). I have missed my hair so much, as I have been doing nothing but protective styles to allow it to grow to a length I am comfortable with locing. Its STILL an unruly mane, and I still want to tame it by locing, but I am afraid I will miss this fro. Welp! I better get it together, cuz I think my husband and daughter may put me in permanent time out if I don’t gone and get these here locs.

On more positive note, over this past week I had the pleasure of seeing to sisterlocked ladies up close and personal (haven’t seen any since I re-started this journey). One was an older lady with white hair and light brown ends. She said she had just gotten her locs in after cutting them off 5 years ago. They were beautiful! That was on Wednesday. On the plane home from Houston on Thursday, one of the flight attendants had some dope thick sisterlocks that looked like a wig. I complimented her hair and she said “when are you getting yours”… Gahhhhhh! Confirmation. Also, my loctician just got hers back in over the weekend and sent me pics of them (our hair is about the same texture and length) I was in love and even more ready to get these babies in. I am on the fence about whether to color (I’m leaning towards a semi permanent or a rinse) just for a little more depth of color. Well Sunday is fast approaching and I am in high anticipation mode. I will report back with pics of the starters after then. Peace.

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