Letter to my 14 year old self.

I see myself in you. I see myself in the reflection that I look at on a daily basis. I am a mother anew. I see the joy, the laughter, the fear, the tiredness. the longing to protect, to be there in the moment, every moment. I see your smile, I see the shine in your eyes. I see your staunch determination. I see your desire not to be a statistic. I see you. I see the longing to be. Not just a mother, but a difference maker. I want you to know that you make a difference to your daughter every day. She has grown to be a phenomenal lady. Her attitude is LOT like yours was, so don’t be mad. She is determined to do things her way, but she Knows the way. She knows the way maker, for you taught her. Your son looks at you lovingly, he feels loved, protected, wanted and needed. Just as you feared what the world would be like for Destinee. I now fear what the World will be like for Jaxson, but God. Give him to God, He has the answers. You are a wife now, with an amazing husband, that loves and cherishes you. There are struggles but life is Grand, because you love one another. Remember who you are, remember whose you are. Don’t compare yourself to others, it will only bring out that part of you that you don’t like. The silent insecure person that you strive so hard not to become. BE GREAT. BE MORE. Don’t get things you don’t need only to work a job you don’t like, just to pay the bills. Your family will need you to be THERE to be in the moment. To be Wife, to be Mother to be YOU, FULL Of life, Love, Laughter. To be Authentic. You’ve never tried to keep up with the Jones’ don’t start now. Live your life on your own terms. Succeed. Determine what success looks like to you. When others say you can’t or shouldn’t Succeed and do it anyway. Allow God and God alone to be your guide. Stay sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. You will need His lesson and Guidance many time along the way. There will be many great women and men that you will never have the honor of meeting. Use their words, their actions, their lives, their testimonies as the Catalyst to push you to the greatest you that you can be. Find and walk in your passion. Take your Daughter to Egypt like you promised. Take your son too. Teach him how to see the beauty in all things, all people. to be loving and kind and empathetic. Show your husband you love him. Everyday. It goes a long way in preserving a marriage. Most of all Don’t forget yourself. Don’t become so engrossed in being and doing for everyone else that you forget that you matter too. Oh… stay of social media sites and actually socialize more. Your life and load will be so much lighter because of it. Make sure to walk in your calling, know that even if Man doesn’t acknowledge who God called you to be. That doesn’t mean you are not called. Walk anyway. Remember that at 27 God told you that your training Ground was different. P.S… YOU STILL DON”T DO DIAMONDS!

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