I am. Fluid Imagery…..

Letters to my Life...Finding My Way to Purpose.

I am a poet, I twist words to look like images, I spit lines that paint pictures. I cascade living

waters from my mouth like waterfalls…. I build not destroy. I resurrect dead imagery and call

them masterpieces.. I walk a thousand miles to pen a million poems.. to touch but one soul….

I breathe this… I write this… I live this… I love this… I hate this…

I live life outside the box. Never quite learned to color inside the lines, choosing instead to live

beyond the confines of others’ thoughts of me… you see.. .because my own.. were already

so negative.. Never quite feeling good enough, pretty enough, smart enough.. not enough of

anything to be noticed.. Living on the sidelines inside bars constructed by minutes of what will

they think of me thoughts… and so I write…. Poetry became a manifestation of my lifeline… I

breathe this……

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