StRaNgE Fruit

I was always a strange fruit, picked from the most delicate tree.

Too strong to be devoured and too soft to stand mishandling.

The strange mind that resides in me calls for perfection, pessimistic optimism drives decisions made. I am an enigma.

standing atop revolutionary past lives.

Seemingly divided yet congruently I walk towards my destiny.

Built from the soil of Kemet’s royalty. formed in the bosom of the most high I am the THIRD EYE. Pregnant with divinity.

I the strange fruit hang like vines from times past.

Hams blood runs through my veins.

My father Abraham indeed.

Illuminating  an ill-lighted earth with my words I be.

Strange…. but see strange can’t define me.

Can’t stop the greatness inside me. Ancestral brain waves find me.

Place deep thoughts true words inside me.

Strange my kind be.

Crafted like Damascus steel. Treated like Black Opal… Rare.

Beauty of darkened skin my cross to bear.

Roots flow to the kings and queens that bore me.

A force and power set before me.

Body shackled but mind stayed free.

Strange my kind be.

Me be the blackdom they tried to eradicate

My virtue tried to assassinate.

forged by love…reared in hate….

Thought they killed me, but suffering revealed the real me.

Saw my greatness tried to terminate me

Stole my style now they emulate me.

Couldn’t beat me tried to join me.

Royalties rhythm beats inside me.

Strange my kind be.



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