Death Letter

With this pen I write my death letter,

Purchase my soul by placing black ink on white paper.

                                    {Put my dreams inside}

Red lines too small to define my destiny. Voices inside my head detail a life I swear I never had, while prose written displays a haunting tale of a life caught in the balance between

                ………….here……….and…….. nowhere.

Once called perdition, now called the blocks on my street. Sharp thoughts cut tender wrists that drip black blood while silent prayers manifest themselves as doomsday messages encased in delicate glass globes filled with muddy waters.

With this pen. I write my death letter….

Forced closed eyes usher in the darkness and memories of a past not forgotten, while malicious deeds done by loved ones wage war with what is and…. what. used. to. be.

Double-edged truths slit to bone as nightmarish recollections of incestuous activities crowd my mind like hollow point bullets looking for targets.

With this pen. I write my death letter…..

Pin my confession onto boards of scarlet and where them around my neck like the jewelry of ancestor’s past. Laid my bosom down in the pit of BABYLON and sang Zion’s songs in a foreign land. Languished in the




While fear played fiddler on the roof of my soul. Became a willing participant in the devil’s schemes while singing praises in the Hallelujah harvest.

With this pen. I write my death letter….

Play peek-a-boo with skeletons locked In OPEN closets while counting inSaniTY sane. Foraged the former sins hoping to find grace in familiar faces. Doing that which I Will NOT to do while what i WANT to do STANDS.


Still I wait at mercy’s door to enter into the throne of GRACE. where brokeness revealed brings Healing. There I fall upon my face. Faced the battered mind inside this death letter penned, bowed down on bruised knee opened my heart and set captivity Free.images

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