Going to teach in a monastary. ( Is that even possible?) A. RANT.

The last couple of weeks at work have been maddening to say the least. Administrator’s sorely unaware ( or blissfully, willfully unaware) of what is REALLY going on in their building. No support for their teachers, scared of the students and parents, not willing to discipline students that CLEARLY need it. I.AM.TIRED! Parents are creating lazy little tyrants, searching for the next instant gratification. Did I mention I.AM.TIRED! After only 6 years teaching I want to get out. The summers, holidays and random days off have lost their luster. My ability to maintain composure when a student is being willfully, wildly, mercilessly disobedient is waning. This comes from a special education teacher that taught a behavior unit and LOVED it. We are doing these children a disservice, but not teaching them true discipline, not equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in this life that WILL eat them alive as soon as it can. What are we raising? Where did we go wrong. CAN we get it back on track. HOW? I know that with all the feelings I have floating around in my I am doing less than my fair share of  teaching them. I want so much for them, more than I have to give, and I cannot want more for them than they want for themselves. I know that it is time to get out, and I have been trying. I am no longer effective and I cannot keep affecting the students like I am. This leads me back to square one. Purpose. Find it. Live it. Walk in it. I am TRYING!.Image


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