Destinee ‘ s Arrival

My daughter was born 21 years ago on February 5th.  I have never been so captivated by a person in my life. After 24 and 1/2 hours I had a child. I was 14 and terrified,  but I never let on. She was a bundle of energy and love. I can still remember how beautiful she was. Today just as then she captivates me. We have our differences but we are still just as close as we ever were. I wish so much for her. I want her to be so much better than me, to go further,  to have more.  I want her life to be the dream she has always wanted it to be.  I love her wit all I have and am. I wouldn’t change her being her for the world,  because mine is so much better because she is in it.

Fluid Imagery


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