It’s been a while. ….back to work woes

I underestimated just how difficult going back to work would be.  I am not a big fan of my job as is and having to leave my baby to go back to a job I am less than positive about seems sacrilegious. I feel like I am somehow selling out, like it would be less of a blow to my boy if I were going somewhere where I was living out my passion, making more of a difference and being more effective.  I’ve gone back to complete and utter chaos and old destructive habits and patterns. Man those things die HARD and they don’t go down without a fight. I feel like I’m taking blows of negativity from all sides. I Am in DESPERATE need of change.  Starting with self. I can’t stay the way I am and see results.  This I know all too well.  It’s indeed hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Problem is, I KNOW the tricks but I’m too lazy/hardhead/”entitled” to go through the steps and do the work.  I have to ask myself “Girl hell do you Really WANT to change?”….I wonder if I will be honest with myself.

THAT is as hard as taking the first step.

Until next time.
Be Bold be blessed be beautifully you.


Fluid Imagery


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