Its a New Year

An new year always brings new opportunities, new hopes, new avenues.  It can also bring new stress, new fears and new failure. However, how you attack the new year can say a lot about you. I don’t usually make resolutions and I won’t start now BUT there is SO much that I HAVE to change in this new year if I am to successfully go to another level. This year I MUST FOCUS… procrastination steals a lot of my time as does Facebook.  While I am socially networking I am neglecting more important things and making myself miserable in the process.  Looking at other peoples lives and adventures whether true or false causes me to miss the lovliness and light that exists in my life.  Ive missed valuable moments with my husband “needing” to check Facebook all the time. I vow to change that. I MUST revisit my craft, purposely look for my purpose, hone my skills and USE them for Gods glory. This means that instead of walking in my own confidence I must start walking in God confidence. I have to stop comparing myself and my gifts to others because the task He has for me is ONLY for me.  I am actively watching my words and thinking about what I am thinking.  I am seeking positivity in all I say and do. The change I want to see in the world MUST start with me.


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