On the verge of a new year.

Its getting closer to the time I have to go back to work.  The New Year will no doubt bring New Adventures.  I wouldn’t change 2013 for anything.  I am excited and overwhelmed by all of it. As I look back I see the hand of God in all of my situations. I was put on bed rest due to high blood pressure.  Ive been forced to trust God and my husband to care for me. I had a bad delivery experience but what came from that experience was a blessing that can’t be topped. The last 12 weeks have been a whirlwind.  I dont know if I am coming or going. Ive felt neglected,  out of place, overlooked and just plain invisible. However I have learned that invisibility is not always bad. Being set apart has its advantages.  You are better able to focus on what is important and move towards those things. Although I felt stagnant I realize that I learned so much in the weeks I have been off. I am praying and looking forward to taking these changes into the new year even in old situations.  Ive learned to truly care for others and to rejoice when they rejoice and weep when they weep. I pray that compassion for my fellow man continues to envelope me and be a driving force.  This year I hope to truly understand my purpose and to walk in it. Finish unfinished business and start things I could have never imagined.  This year I want to LIVE..  I wish this for my entire family… to see the world with new eyes without having to experience tragedy,  to stop and see the roses long enough to smell them and to see God and good in ALL we encounter.  Changing my focus from what I dont have to what I do is a start. And that is a START I can deal with.


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