This is supposed to be everyday.

Man.what a whirlwind couple of days. Jaxson haven’t felt so good neither has his mom and dad. christmas came and gone. We were only able to visit my dady (long story). Jaxson has been pretty fussy and we are not sure what it is. He is very congested and gassy. He is better during the day than at night. But once he is down to sleep he will sleep a long time. We are having a time trying to get him to sit in his carseat or swing or bouncer. Pretty much ANYTHING that he has to lay back in. He screams and cries like we are killing him. Lack of sleep is taking a toll on me and daddy. Especially me. Daddy is sick now and can barely help, but he will do what he can. I am frazzled but when I see him smile it is all worth it. I will leave you with some Christmas pictures and a promise to do better.
Unil next time.




Only missing my baby girl.


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