Harder than I thought… but so worth the effort.

It has been another couple of days since I posted here…   this is SUPPOSED to be a once a day blog. But I am busy…as you can imagine.  Since I missed Saturday, Sunday and Monday I will post a recap.  Saturday my Eldest Sister came by to visit.  We went out on what was supposed to be a shopping trip. Well we were only able to  go to one store..we had to cut our trip short..and Jaxson and I went back home…. Monday when we got out it was pretty much the same thing…. we went to Walmart horrible lines and horrible customer service led us to leave…..which means that an entire basket of food was left in an aisle. Jaxson did NOT like all the stimulation.  Yes I know we will have to work on his ability to stay out for longer than an hour or two. Fast forward to 9 last night when Jaxson started to scream and did not let up until almost 11 pm. Usually I am able to console him.. but last night he was having none of that. Daddy steps in and does an awesome job of consoling him. He was calm and tender and talking in a sure quiet voice that lulled me to sleep. I do believe that there was a breakthrough for father and son.  They will both be fine when I go back to work.  We will keep working on the outings until he gets used to them…by the way… he doesn’t like being in the stroller,  the swing or the bouncer…yeah…we are working on that too…
Let’s just say he has a particular personality. ..and he likes what he likes… right now that is momma….and I think he likes daddy too now.


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