My baby ain’t such a baby

Over the last few days I have been intensely watching my son and waiting on a text or something from my daughter.  Jaxson is very advanced for his tender age of three weeks, even the Dr. and both grandmothers have commented on it. Since he has been here he has been moving his head to either side when you hold him up on your shoulder (he say he GOT to be able to breathe). Starting last week he began lifting his head up and trying to stand on his legs when you hold him up. He has been trying to “talk” to you since then too. He is very attentive and watches your mouth as you talk. He recently decided that he didn’t like sleeping on his back so he turns to his side. And I guess he doesn’t like that either because I found him laying on his stomach twice head to the side mouth open snoring. I believe I have a Mensa worthy baby on my hands and I will start exploring more ways to stimulate him. We already read his books. Now if he can just master going to the bathroom without all the grunts and drama we would be great! …. asking too much?….ok.
Until next time.


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