The baby swing wars.

Yesterday I bought a swing from one of my neighbors. I figured it would make my life a little easier.  Baby LOVES momma and momma gets NO rest. Daddy has braved the weather all weekend and hasn’t gotten any rest so we needed some help.  I brought the swing in the house confident that Jaxson would love it…. boy was I WRONG! …He screamed and hollered like I was punishing him so I took him out… he won THAT battle. BUT momma is determined to win the war!
Fast forward to the morning… I fed him, swaddled him, loved on him and placed him in the swing… and what do you know.. baby Jax was soon in sleep NIRVANA! ….and momma was able to eat!….so the score thus far is…. Jaxson 1 momma 1…. who will win the next one? Only time will tell.



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