3 AM feedings. Bittersweet reflections.

And we are up. Dont get me wrong I am not complaining.  I love it!…. I don’t remember much of this with my daughter.  I believe that by this time she was sleeping through the night anyway.
As for Mr. Jaxson…no such thing.  Although I love this time it pains me because he wont latch and I have to use a bottle.  I fully expected this to be our early morning bonding time. I guess it still is…its just different from what I wanted. Seeing as though nothing has gone the way that I planned for it to go during this whole experience; I am looking at this as another way for God to show that He is still mighty, strong and very much Still in control.

Until next time.

Trying to sleep and I am snapping pictures. …. yeah that helps… lol


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